Wayne SWS100 - 1 HP Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

Jun 19, 2022


Welcome to Fire Appliance, your go-to destination for high-quality water pumps. If you're in the market for a reliable and efficient 1 HP cast iron shallow well jet pump, look no further than the Wayne SWS100. Designed to meet your water pumping needs, this pump offers superior performance, durability, and ease of use.

About the Wayne SWS100

The Wayne SWS100 is a powerful 1 HP cast iron shallow well jet pump that is suitable for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Whether you need to supply water to your home, garden, or small business, this pump is up for the task.

Features and Benefits

Powerful 1 HP Motor

The Wayne SWS100 is equipped with a robust 1 HP motor, allowing it to efficiently pump water from shallow wells. With its high horsepower, it can handle demanding tasks and deliver a consistent water flow.

Durable Cast Iron Construction

Made from high-quality cast iron, this pump is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures long-term durability, even in challenging environments. You can rely on the Wayne SWS100 to provide reliable water pumping for years to come.

Efficient Jet Pump Design

The Wayne SWS100 features a jet pump design that combines the advantages of both a centrifugal pump and an injector. This results in efficient water flow, allowing you to quickly and effectively transfer water from your shallow well to your desired location.

Easy Installation and Operation

Installing and operating the Wayne SWS100 is a breeze. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary fittings, making the setup process hassle-free. Additionally, its user-friendly design ensures intuitive operation, even for those new to well pumps.

Quiet Operation

One standout feature of the Wayne SWS100 is its quiet operation. Thanks to advanced noise reduction technology, this pump operates smoothly and quietly, providing a peaceful environment while in use.


Here are the key specifications of the Wayne SWS100:

  • Power: 1 HP
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 720 gallons per hour
  • Maximum Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Suction Lift: Up to 25 feet
  • 1-1/4" NPT Suction and 1" NPT Discharge

Why Choose the Wayne SWS100?

Choosing the right pump for your water pumping needs is crucial, and the Wayne SWS100 offers several advantages that set it apart from the competition:

Reliability and Performance

With its powerful motor and efficient jet pump design, the Wayne SWS100 delivers reliable performance, ensuring a steady water supply whenever you need it. Say goodbye to fluctuations and enjoy consistent water flow.


Investing in a durable pump is essential, especially when it comes to withstanding demanding conditions. The Wayne SWS100's cast iron construction ensures exceptional durability, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Easy Installation and Operation

Save time and effort with the Wayne SWS100's easy installation process. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or a first-time pump owner, getting this pump up and running is a straightforward process. Its user-friendly operation also makes it accessible to everyone.

Quiet Operation

Enjoy a tranquil environment with the Wayne SWS100's quiet operation. Whether you're using it for residential or commercial purposes, its noise reduction technology ensures minimal disturbance.

Customer Satisfaction

At Fire Appliance, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide top-notch products and excellent customer service. When you choose the Wayne SWS100 from us, you can trust that you'll receive a reliable pump backed by our commitment to your satisfaction.


In summary, the Wayne SWS100 is a top-of-the-line 1 HP cast iron shallow well jet pump that offers unmatched performance, durability, and ease of use. Whether you need to supply water to your home or small business, this pump is equipped to handle your needs. Choose the Wayne SWS100 from Fire Appliance today and experience the difference it can make in your water pumping system.

Amy Bockus
The Wayne SWS100 is a reliable and efficient water pump for all your needs!
Nov 11, 2023