Tsurumi 4HF 200 GPM (4) High Volume Submersible Water Pump

May 7, 2019

Welcome to Fire Appliance, your trusted source for high-quality water pumps. We are proud to introduce the Tsurumi 4HF 200 GPM (4) High Volume Submersible Water Pump, a powerful and efficient solution for your water pumping needs.

The Superior Performance of the Tsurumi 4HF

When it comes to high-volume submersible water pumps, the Tsurumi 4HF stands out from the competition. With its impressive 200 GPM capacity and reliable performance, this pump is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Durable Construction

The Tsurumi 4HF features a rugged construction that is built to last. Its heavy-duty cast iron housing ensures maximum durability, while the stainless steel impeller and shaft provide added strength and corrosion resistance. This pump is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, making it a reliable choice for industrial, commercial, and residential use.

Efficient Operation

Equipped with a powerful 4HP motor, the Tsurumi 4HF delivers exceptional performance while maintaining energy efficiency. Its advanced motor design minimizes power consumption, allowing you to save on operating costs without compromising on performance. Whether you need to drain a large pool, water a garden, or handle flood control, this pump gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Key Features of the Tsurumi 4HF Water Pump

The Tsurumi 4HF offers a range of features that set it apart from other submersible water pumps. Here are some of its key highlights:

1. High Volume Capacity

With a maximum flow rate of 200 gallons per minute (GPM), the Tsurumi 4HF is capable of handling large volumes of water with ease. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require rapid water transfer or drainage.

2. Submersible Design

The Tsurumi 4HF is a submersible water pump, meaning that it can be fully submerged in water for efficient operation. This design allows for versatile placement options and ensures optimal performance, even in deep water applications.

3. Automatic Float Switch

This pump features an automatic float switch that enables convenient, hands-free operation. The float switch activates the pump when the water level reaches a certain point, and automatically shuts it off when the desired level is reached. This feature saves you time and effort, as you can rely on the pump to regulate water levels without constant monitoring.

4. Quick and Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the Tsurumi 4HF is a breeze. Thanks to its removable top discharge design, accessing and cleaning the pump is quick and easy. This allows for hassle-free maintenance and ensures long-lasting performance.

Trust Fire Appliance for Your Water Pump Needs

At Fire Appliance, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient water pumps. That's why we are proud to offer the Tsurumi 4HF 200 GPM (4) High Volume Submersible Water Pump. With its superior performance, durability, and user-friendly features, this pump is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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