Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC - 170 GPM (2) 3 HP Stainless Steel Water Pump

Dec 1, 2017


Welcome to Fire Appliance, where we offer a wide range of top-quality fire and water-related products. In this page, we'll introduce you to the powerful Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC water pump, designed to meet the demanding needs of various applications. Let's explore its exceptional features, specifications, and discover why it's the ideal choice for your pumping requirements.

High Performance and Reliability

When it comes to water pumping, performance and reliability are vital. With the Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC, you can expect both. This pump boasts an impressive 170 gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate, ensuring efficient water transfer for various tasks. Its robust 3 horsepower (HP) stainless steel construction guarantees durability and long-lasting performance, even in challenging conditions.

Advanced Features

The Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC water pump offers a host of advanced features that set it apart from the competition. This pump is equipped with a high-quality, clog-resistant impeller, allowing it to handle debris-laden water without compromising performance. It also features a durable cast iron volute and stainless steel fasteners, ensuring its ability to withstand heavy-duty usage.

Efficient Operation

With energy efficiency in mind, the Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC is designed to provide optimal performance while minimizing power consumption. Its efficient motor allows for cost-effective operation, keeping energy usage in check and reducing overall operating costs. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for both residential and commercial applications.


Whether you need to transfer water for irrigation, construction, firefighting, or any other demanding task, the Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC is up to the challenge. Its versatility is enhanced by its ability to handle various types of water, including clear or slightly muddy water. This pump truly offers a versatile solution for any situation that requires efficient and reliable water transfer.


Specifications play a key role in determining whether a water pump meets your specific requirements. Here are the detailed specifications of the Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC:

  • Flow Rate: 170 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Motor Power: 3 horsepower (HP)
  • Construction: Stainless steel
  • Impeller: Clog-resistant
  • Volute: Cast iron
  • Fasteners: Stainless steel


Thanks to its powerful performance and durable construction, the Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC water pump is suitable for a wide range of applications:


During emergency situations, having a reliable water pump can make all the difference. The Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC provides the necessary water flow for firefighting operations, allowing firefighters to combat fires efficiently and effectively.


Efficiently watering crops, fields, or gardens is crucial for their growth and productivity. This water pump ensures a consistent water supply for irrigation purposes, helping to maintain healthy plants and maximize yields.


Construction sites often require water pumps to control flooding, dewater excavations, or transfer water from one location to another. The Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC excels in these scenarios, providing reliable and efficient water transfer capabilities to support construction projects.

Residential and Industrial Applications

From draining swimming pools and basements to water transfer for industrial processes, this versatile pump proves invaluable in various residential and industrial settings. Its durable construction ensures it can handle demanding tasks, delivering reliable performance whenever needed.


The Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC - 170 GPM (2) 3 HP Stainless Steel Water Pump available at Fire Appliance offers exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. With its impressive flow rate, robust construction, and advanced features, this pump is designed to exceed your expectations. Whether for firefighting, irrigation, construction, or any other application, trust the Pacer ISE2GL C3.OC to deliver the results you need. Contact Fire Appliance today to learn more about this top-of-the-line water pump.

Peter Goldey
This water pump seems to be perfect for my irrigation needs. I can't wait to try it out!
Oct 5, 2023