Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST - Automatic Condensate Pump

Mar 30, 2021

Welcome to Fire Appliance, your go-to destination for top-quality pump solutions. With the Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST automatic condensate pump, maintaining optimal performance for your HVAC unit has never been easier. Our high-end pump is designed to efficiently remove condensate, ensuring uninterrupted operation and extended lifespan.

Why Choose the Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST?

When it comes to maintaining your HVAC system, the Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST is the ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. This automatic condensate pump offers a wide range of features and benefits that set it apart from competitors.

Efficient Condensate Removal

The Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST is specifically engineered to effectively remove condensate from your HVAC unit. Its powerful motor ensures that no excess moisture is left behind, preventing potential damage and maintaining optimal performance.

With its advanced technology, this pump eliminates the need for manual drainage, saving you time and effort. This is especially beneficial in areas with high humidity levels or where condensate removal can be a challenging task.

Reliable and Durable

At Fire Appliance, we understand the importance of reliability and durability in pump solutions. The Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST is built to last, featuring high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

With its robust construction, this automatic condensate pump can withstand demanding operating conditions, ensuring dependable performance year after year. Designed with longevity in mind, it is an investment that will save you from frequent replacements and costly repairs.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

We believe that convenience should be at the forefront when it comes to pump solutions. The Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST offers easy installation and hassle-free maintenance, making it a user-friendly choice.

Equipped with intuitive controls and clear instructions, this pump can be quickly installed without the need for professional assistance. Its compact design allows for flexible placement options in limited spaces, further enhancing its convenience.

Maintenance is also a breeze, thanks to its self-lubricating motor and easy-to-access components. With minimal upkeep requirements, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST will always be in optimal condition.


If you are looking for a high-performance automatic condensate pump, the Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST is the perfect choice. At Fire Appliance, we offer this top-quality pump that guarantees efficient condensate removal, reliability, and easy installation and maintenance.

Invest in the Liberty Pumps LCU-20ST today and ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your HVAC unit. Contact Fire Appliance now to place your order or to inquire about our wide range of pump solutions.

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