Honda WT40XK3A - 433 GPM (4) Heavy Duty Trash Pump

Dec 23, 2019

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient trash pump for your water removal needs? Look no further than the Honda WT40XK3A from Fire Appliance. This heavy-duty pump is designed to handle tough jobs and provide exceptional performance. With a flow rate of 433 gallons per minute (GPM), this trash pump is the perfect solution for various applications.

Powerful Performance

One of the key highlights of the Honda WT40XK3A is its impressive flow rate of 433 GPM. This means it can efficiently remove large volumes of water, making it ideal for construction sites, mining operations, and other heavy-duty applications. The pump's heavy-duty design ensures durability and reliability, allowing it to handle tough debris, solids, and even small stones without clogging or damaging the pump.

Easy to Use

Fire Appliance understands the importance of convenience and ease of use. The Honda WT40XK3A is designed with user-friendly features, making it simple to operate and maintain. The pump comes equipped with a durable cast iron impeller, which helps extend the pump's lifespan and enhances its overall performance. Additionally, the pump features a reliable OHV engine, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

Durable Construction

Fire Appliance prioritizes quality and durability in all its products. The Honda WT40XK3A trash pump is no exception. With its rugged construction, this pump is built to withstand demanding work environments. Its heavy-duty frame provides stability and protection while allowing for easy transportation. The pump's corrosion-resistant materials ensure longevity, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Versatile Applications

The Honda WT40XK3A is designed to handle various applications, making it a versatile choice for both residential and commercial use. Whether you need to remove water from a flooded basement, drain a swimming pool, or tackle a construction site dewatering project, this trash pump is up for the task. Its robust performance and reliable design ensure efficient water removal in even the toughest conditions.

Efficient Fuel Consumption

With rising fuel costs, efficiency is a crucial factor to consider. The Honda WT40XK3A features an innovative engine design that delivers impressive fuel efficiency without compromising power. This means you can complete your water removal tasks while saving on fuel expenses. Its large fuel tank capacity ensures extended operation without frequent refueling, enabling uninterrupted workflow.


The Honda WT40XK3A trash pump from Fire Appliance is a top-of-the-line solution for all your water removal needs. With its impressive 433 GPM flow rate, durable construction, and versatile applications, it surpasses other options in the market. You can trust this heavy-duty pump to provide exceptional performance, efficiency, and longevity. Invest in the Honda WT40XK3A today and experience the superior quality and power it brings to your water removal projects.

Frank Conte
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Nov 12, 2023
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Nov 8, 2023
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Oct 12, 2023