Grundfos MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle

Feb 20, 2020

About the Grundfos MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle

The Grundfos MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle is a cutting-edge device designed to revolutionize pumping systems. Manufactured by Grundfos, a renowned brand in the industry, this remote control and monitoring solution offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Enhanced Control: With the Grundfos MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle, you gain complete control over your pumping systems. It allows you to monitor and adjust various parameters remotely, optimizing performance and reducing energy consumption.

2. Seamless Connectivity: The MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle enables seamless connectivity between your Grundfos pumps and your mobile device or computer. This wireless solution lets you remotely access real-time data, receive alerts and notifications, and make informed decisions promptly.

3. Advanced Monitoring: Stay informed about your pumping systems' status with the advanced monitoring capabilities of the MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle. Track variables such as flow rate, temperature, pressure, and energy consumption, ensuring optimal operation and preventing costly downtime.

4. Data Analysis: Harness the power of data with the MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle. This device collects and analyzes valuable insights about your pumping systems' performance, enabling you to identify trends, optimize processes, and improve overall efficiency.

How to Use the Grundfos MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle

Using the Grundfos MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle is quick and straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure your Grundfos pumps are compatible with the MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle.
  2. Connect the MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle to your pumping system's control panel using the provided cables.
  3. Download and install the Grundfos GO Remote app on your mobile device or access the web-based platform on your computer.
  4. Launch the app or platform, and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle with your pumps.
  5. Once connected, take advantage of the multitude of features and functionalities offered by the MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle.


The Grundfos MI 301 GO Remote/Dongle finds applications in various industries and scenarios, including:

  • Commercial Buildings: Optimize the efficiency of water supply systems in commercial buildings, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Municipal Water Authorities: Monitor and control water distribution networks, ensuring consistent supply and proactive maintenance.
  • Industrial Facilities: Maximize the performance of industrial pumps, preventing equipment failures and minimizing downtime.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation: Efficiently manage irrigation systems, adapting to changing weather conditions and ensuring optimal water usage.

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