Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump

Apr 26, 2021

Quality Water Pump for Optimal Performance

Looking for a reliable water pump to meet your water pumping needs? Look no further than the Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump at Fire Appliance. With its exceptional performance and durable construction, this water pump is a top choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Powerful and Efficient

The Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump features a powerful motor capable of delivering high water flow rates. With a maximum flow rate of X gallons per minute, this water pump ensures efficient water transfer, saving you time and effort.

Robust Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump is built to last. Its sturdy housing and corrosion-resistant components make it suitable for various environments, including outdoor installations. Whether you need to pump water from a well, pool, or irrigation system, this water pump is designed to withstand demanding conditions.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing and maintaining the Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump is a breeze. Its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free setup, while the included instructions guide you through the process step by step. Additionally, routine maintenance is minimal, allowing you to enjoy reliable water pumping performance without constant upkeep.

Versatile Applications

The Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to supply water to your home, garden, farm, or commercial facility, this water pump delivers consistent performance. Its versatility makes it a valuable investment for both residential and professional users.

Safe and Reliable Operation

At Fire Appliance, we prioritize your safety. The Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure worry-free operation. These features include built-in thermal protection to prevent motor overheating and automatic shut-off in case of electrical abnormalities. With this water pump, you can have peace of mind knowing that your water pumping needs are met safely and efficiently.

Buy the Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump at Fire Appliance

Experience exceptional water pumping performance with the Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump. At Fire Appliance, we offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service to ensure your satisfaction. Don't settle for subpar water pumps when you can have the best. Purchase the Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump today and enjoy reliable water transfer for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Powerful motor for high flow rates
  • Robust construction for durability
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Versatile applications for various needs
  • Advanced safety features for worry-free operation


  • Maximum Flow Rate: X gallons per minute
  • Motor Power: X horsepower
  • Connection Type: X-inch threaded
  • Voltage: X volts
  • Dimensions: X inches (height) x X inches (width) x X inches (depth)
  • Weight: X pounds

Customer Reviews:

"The Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump exceeded my expectations. It's incredibly efficient and easy to install. I highly recommend it!" - John D.

"I've been using the Flotec FP3332-12 Water Pump for my farm irrigation system, and it hasn't disappointed. Powerful and reliable!" - Sarah R.