Cummins CP2600D4E - 2600 GPM (6) Trailer Mounted Water Pump

Nov 10, 2017


Fire Appliance is proud to present the Cummins CP2600D4E, a high-performance trailer-mounted water pump designed for various applications. With a pumping capacity of 2600 gallons per minute (GPM), this water pump is built to handle even the most demanding situations. Whether you need it for firefighting, irrigation, construction, or emergency response, the CP2600D4E is your reliable solution.

Features and Specifications

The Cummins CP2600D4E water pump comes with a range of features and specifications that make it a top choice in its category. Here are some key highlights:

1. Heavy-Duty Construction

The CP2600D4E is built to last with its robust construction. Its durable materials and solid build ensure reliable performance, even in harsh conditions. This water pump is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use and demanding environments, making it a dependable choice for various industries.

2. High Pumping Capacity

With a pumping capacity of 2600 GPM, the CP2600D4E can quickly move large volumes of water. Whether you need to supply water for firefighting operations, fill or drain a reservoir, or manage a construction site's water resources, this water pump ensures efficient water transfer and distribution. Its high flow rate guarantees increased productivity and reduced downtime.

3. Trailer-Mounted Convenience

The CP2600D4E is designed for easy transport and maneuverability. It comes with a sturdy trailer that allows for quick relocation to various job sites. The trailer-mounted design ensures hassle-free deployment, enabling you to bring the water pump wherever it's needed most. This mobility feature is particularly beneficial for emergency response teams and rental companies.

4. Powerful Cummins Engine

At the heart of the CP2600D4E is a high-performance Cummins engine. Known for their reliability and performance, Cummins engines deliver the power necessary to drive the water pump efficiently. This engine is built to withstand heavy usage and provide consistent performance, enhancing the overall reliability of the CP2600D4E.

5. Advanced Control Panel

The CP2600D4E is equipped with an advanced control panel that allows for easy operation and monitoring. The intuitive interface provides essential information such as water pressure, engine status, and performance metrics. With this control panel, operators can ensure optimal pump performance, monitor for any issues, and make adjustments as needed.


The CP2600D4E water pump is highly versatile and finds applications across several industries. Some common uses include:

1. Firefighting

When it comes to firefighting, every second counts. The CP2600D4E ensures a reliable and powerful water supply, allowing firefighters to combat fires effectively. Its high flow rate enables rapid extinguishing of flames, minimizing damage and increasing safety for both firefighters and the affected areas.

2. Construction

In construction, water pumps are vital for site dewatering, concrete curing, and dust suppression. The CP2600D4E offers the necessary capabilities for efficiently managing water resources on construction sites. Its high pumping capacity and trailer-mounted design make it an excellent choice for construction companies looking for reliable and portable water pumping solutions.

3. Emergency Response

During emergency situations such as flooding or natural disasters, having a dependable water pump is crucial. The CP2600D4E's mobility and powerful performance make it ideal for emergency response teams. It can quickly remove water from flooded areas, helping minimize damage and aid in the recovery process.

4. Irrigation

For agricultural applications, the CP2600D4E ensures efficient irrigation of crops and fields. Its high flow rate allows for the distribution of water over large areas, ensuring proper hydration and nourishment for plants. Whether you're operating a farm or managing a golf course, this water pump offers the reliability and performance needed.


The Cummins CP2600D4E - 2600 GPM (6) Trailer Mounted Water Pump is a powerful and versatile solution for various water pumping needs. Its high pumping capacity, sturdy construction, and exceptional performance make it a top choice for industries such as firefighting, construction, emergency response, and irrigation. With its mobility and easy operation, the CP2600D4E offers the convenience and reliability you seek in a water pump. Trust Fire Appliance to provide you with this exceptional water pump, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Ruth Fullerton
This trailer-mounted water pump is a game-changer for firefighting and emergency response. Impressive pumping capacity!
Nov 8, 2023