The CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW 70 GPM 1-Inch & 1-1/2-Inch Water Pump

Sep 10, 2020

Powerful Water Pump for Various Applications

Welcome to Fire Appliance, the leading provider of high-quality fire and safety equipment. In this detailed product page, we present to you the CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW water pump, a reliable and efficient solution for your water pumping needs. This versatile pump is designed to deliver exceptional performance in various applications such as firefighting, irrigation, construction, and more.

High Performance

The CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW water pump offers an impressive flow rate of 70 gallons per minute (GPM), ensuring quick and efficient water transfer in demanding situations. Whether you are tackling a fire emergency or need to move water for agricultural purposes, this pump is engineered to handle the task with ease.

Multiple Connection Options

Equipped with both 1-inch and 1-1/2-inch connections, the CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW water pump offers versatility and adaptability to different hose sizes. This flexibility allows you to integrate the pump seamlessly into your existing setup or connect it to various water sources without any hassle.

Enhanced Durability and Reliability

When it comes to firefighting or other critical applications where reliability is of utmost importance, the CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW water pump truly shines. Built to withstand demanding conditions, this pump is constructed with durable materials and components that ensure long-lasting performance even in the toughest environments. Its robust design guarantees consistent and reliable operation when you need it most.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Fire Appliance understands the importance of user-friendly equipment. The CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW water pump is designed with ease of use and maintenance in mind. With its intuitive controls and clear instructions, operating this pump is straightforward, allowing you to focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about complex setup procedures. Additionally, the pump's easy maintenance requirements save you valuable time and effort, ensuring that it remains in excellent working condition for years to come.


The CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW water pump excels in a wide range of applications. Here are just a few examples of how this powerful pump can be utilized:

  • Firefighting operations
  • Irrigation for agricultural purposes
  • Emergency water transfer
  • Construction site dewatering
  • Water supply for remote locations
  • Flood control and prevention
  • And much more

Trust Fire Appliance for Your Water Pump Needs

At Fire Appliance, we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line fire and safety equipment to our customers. The CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW water pump is just one example of our commitment to delivering high-performance products that meet the needs of professionals in various industries. With our extensive expertise and excellent customer service, you can trust us to help you find the perfect water pump solution for your specific requirements.


In conclusion, the CET PFP-9HPHND-M-TW 70 GPM 1-Inch & 1-1/2-Inch water pump offered by Fire Appliance is a remarkable solution for those seeking a powerful and versatile water pump. Its high performance, multiple connection options, enhanced durability, ease of use, and wide range of applications make it an ideal choice for firefighting, irrigation, construction, and more. Trust Fire Appliance to provide you with top-quality equipment that exceeds your expectations.

Tammy Myers
This water pump is seriously impressive! 💪 With its exceptional performance in a range of applications, it's definitely a reliable and efficient solution. Cheers to Fire Appliance for providing top-notch equipment! 👏
Nov 10, 2023
Sam Hirt
Looks powerful! 💪
Oct 4, 2023